Speaking Services

I am presently available for speaking engagements on the subjects of giftedness, creativity, and talent. Some of the topics I am available to speak about include:

Combining Your Passions and Talent
The Creative Process
Depression and Suicide
The Development of Creativity
Existential Anxiety and the Search for Meaning
Extraversion and Introversion
Finding the Right Counselor for Your Gifted Child
Gifted Education
Giftedness and the Expressive Arts
Managing Gifted Students in the Classroom
Managing Perfectionism
Misconceptions of Giftedness
Misdiagnosis of the Gifted
Parenting the Gifted Child
Popular Perspectives on Giftedness
Resiliency and Giftedness
The Role of Chance in the Development of Talent
Self-Actualization and Giftedness
Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted
Moral Development of the Gifted

If you would like me to speak at your event, please send me a detailed message about your request, including your name, contact information, the date and location of the event, and a brief description of the event. You can send me a message through the contact page.